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PIG SPOT® Swine Marker

The All-Weather Pig Spot is an easy and convenient tool for your bio-security program to help mark and identify pigs that have already been vaccinated.  This one step marker is designed to help reduce cross-contamination between litters. Available in five colors to meet all your marking needs.



    Convenient size, easy to hold

    Re-wetting dauber that makes marking easy

    No drip

    Water-based formula

    No VOCs

    Available in 5 easy to see colors

    Made in U.S.A.

  • USE ON:

    Piglets for vaccinations


Pig Spot

Syringe/Spray Marker Combo

Provides between 1000 to 2000 marks per bottle Provides between 100 to 300 marks per bottle
Average cost per mark .5 cents Average cost per mark 3 cents
Safe to use, no warning labels required Contains chemicals that require the California Prop 65 Warning Labels
Container is made from recyclable plastic Metal aerosol cans, more difficult to dispose of properly
Screw-on cap keeps dye off hands and clothing when not in use Potential for spill if press-fit cap comes off inside of pocket
Water-based dye formula, no fire hazard Material is highly volatile, do not expose to open flame or other sources of ignition
Works with any style or brand of syringe Must be used with specific syringe


  • Details:

    61400    Orange
    61401    Fluorescent Pink

    61402    Red
    61403    Fluorescent Green

    61404    Blue

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