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When should I be using the Hot Climate Paintstik®?

We recommend using the HC Paintstik® in temperatures betweeen 70°F to 115°F (21°C to 46°C).  For lower temperatures, we recommend the regular ALL-WEATHER Paintstik®.

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Is it safe to mark on my animals with your paint markers?

Yes, all our paint markers are non-toxic and safe for use on all types of livestock. Please read the MSDS for each product for the safe handling and use of our products.

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How do I get the paint off my hands and clothing?

ALL-WEATHER Paintstik® and TWIST-STIK® are made from oil based paints.  It can be removed from your hands with paint thinner, mineral spirits, or turpentine.  Fresh paint stains may be removed by using the same paint thinners if the paint is still wet.  Once the paint is dry on clothing, it becomes very difficult to remove.

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Which paint marker works best for tail painting my cows for heat detection?

We recommend that you use the ALL-WEATHER Paintstik® for tail painting cows.  For over 60 years it has been the preferred marker for this application because the paint is designed to stay on the cow until it is removed by the repeated mounts by other cows.

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Is the paint used in the ALL-WEATHER Paintstik® and TWIST-STIK® the same?

No, they are different types of paint.  The paint used for the Paintstik® will dry after several hours which make it last longer on the animal, even in rainy weather.  The TWIST-STIK® paint does not completely dry, thus it is used for marking animals where the marks do not have to last as long on the animal.

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Does your ear tag marker work on all brands of ear tags?

Yes, our ALL-WEATHER Plastic Ear Tag Markers are designed to work on all polyurethane plastic ear tags.

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Won't a permanent ink marker from an office supply store work just as well on ear tags?

No, a consumer grade ink marker does not have the proper ink formula to actually penetrate the plastic ear tag like our ear tag marker does.  They also don't have the UV light protection needed to keep the marks from fading when subjected to extended periods of sunlight.

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What markers do you recommend for marking sheep?

Our Paintstik® and TWIST-STIK® are suitable for the temporary marking of sheep.  Care should be taken as the colors are not completely scourable.

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How many different colors do you offer?

We offer 15 colors in the Paintstik® and 9 colors in the TWIST-STIK®.  The QUIK SHOT® spray paint comes in 6 colors in both upright and inverted tip cans.

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Sometimes my heifers lick off the paint from each other. Is there any way to stop them from doing that?

Sometimes overly active cows and heifers can lick off the paint from other cows.  We have heard from some dairymen that they have had success in using our QUIK SHOT® spray paints on their overly active cows and heifers.  The cows do not seem attracted to the paint as much and tend to leave it alone.  The paint still comes off when the cow has been mounted, thus giving positive feedback when the cow is going into heat.  You may want to give it a try.

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How does the Meat Marker work?

The Meat Marker activates once it touches the moisturized surface of an animal’s carcass.

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Does the Meat Marker leave a permanent mark?

No, the mark can be dissolved with excessive moisture or frost.

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